AI + Machine Learning Lessons From Covid19 + The Future of War and Work

AI + Machine Learning Lessons From Covid19 + The Future of War and Work

With Kristina Libby - Chief Science officer at Hypergiant, Author & Adjunct professor. 

International security 
Technology and defence 
Future trends

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Kristina Libby | Technology and Climate Change

Kristina is the Chief Science Officer at Hypergiant Industries, an AI and emerging technology company looking at complicated issues like Climate Change. She'll share how we can use technology to combat climate change, including Hypergiant’s groundbreaking Eos bioreactor and their Disaster Management software, and why outer space is the most important new domain for solving the carbon crisis. She recently journeyed to the Democratic Republic Congo and Rwanda to see some of the world's most endangered species and will share some of that experience as well.

Fireside Chat with John Fremont & Heidi Messer | Mainstage | VB Transform 2019

John Fremont, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Hypergiant

Moderator: Heidi Messer, Cofounder and Chairperson, Collective[i]

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A Curious Conversation w/ Kristina Libby, CSO of Hypergiant | TheSquare

What can we learn about design from a quantum physicist? What can an industrial designer teach us about architecture? A lot it turns out. Curious Conversations connect the design community with leaders and visionaries outside the industry to explore new ways to problem-solve and find inspiration with fresh perspectives. How do these individuals lead teams and guide clients through unchartered territory? What events in their lives have shaped their career? How do human behaviors and emerging technologies impact their work?