Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work: Robots, AI and Automation

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work: Robots, AI and Automation

85% of Americans believe robots will replace them in their jobs by 2050. Robots may automate manual labor but may also open massive new market opportunities. Are both things true? Ed Doran Principal Program Manager, MSR Labs Management, Microsoft Labs, and Michael Hollinger,  Chief Architect at IBM provide their viewpoints.

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact the Future of Healthcare: Benefits and Risks

Healthcare change is rapid, expansive, and yet excruciatingly slow. Artificial Intelligence presents diverse risks and opportunities that will help practitioners achieve better medical outcomes through accurate diagnosis and advanced treatment. The impact of AI on healthcare is huge. But, is the opportunity bigger than the risks?

Empowering AI Leadership: World Economic Forum AI Toolkit For Board of Directors

Only a handful of companies have policies for managing the potential risks posed by artificial intelligence. The World Economic Forum AI Toolkit helps companies and their board of directors protect society and their businesses. Kay Firth-Butterfield, Head of AI and Machine Learning at World Economic Forum discusses how to utilize the toolkit in your workplace with Will Griffin, Chief Ethics Officer at Hypergiant. 

Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) Based Sustainable Companies Working to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Is it really possible to bring carbon emissions down to zero? To address climate change, scientists say we need to capture and contain massive amounts of carbon dioxide. It’s a challenge many sustainable companies are already taking on. Stay Gayshan, Managing Director of Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) discusses new innovations within the CIC ecosystem that are working to slow the rise of global temperatures.  

Pecan Street Energy and Water Database Explores Conservation Technologies to Fight Climate Change

Climate change is the world’s single greatest challenge. And securing a clean water supply for a growing population isn’t far behind. Solving both challenges will grow the economy, improve people’s lives, and protect our natural resources and climate. 

Ethics in AI and Customer Experience

An Ethics framework can help companies develop a more trust-based relationship with their consumers and society-at-large. Sangeeta Mudnal, Vice President Crown Castle and Former Group Program Manager Responsible AI, Microsoft weighs in on how to train engineers and computer scientists on ethical reasoning.