Hypergiant Chameleon Constellation

Hypergiant Chameleon Constellation

Traditional satellite systems are expensive and cost the DoD years, jeopardizing both war and peace time space situational awareness. This is because hardware and software both need to be complete before launch and future adjustments require replacing code, a difficult and dangerous task that can leave systems compromised. Hypergiant's goal is to enable the DoD to put assets in space as quickly as possible and then continuously improve them to maintain superiority with the Chameleon Constellation.

Next Up

NG-10 Mission: ISS Monitor Cygnus on SSRMS Drifting

NG-10 Mission footage from February 8, 2019 from the ISS Monitor showing all the data being displayed around the release of the Cygnus spacecraft from the SSRMS Canadarm2 robotic arm. 

ISS Port Window Cygnus on SSRMS Release

NG-10 Mission footage from February 8, 2019 shows a view from ISS port window in Unity module as Cygnus spacecraft releases from the station’s SSRMS Canadarm2 robotic arm.

Slingshot Install Cygnus Hatch

NG-10 Mission footage from February 2, 2019: as NASA astronaut Anne Mcclain and Canadian Crew members David Saint-Jacques install the Slingshot on the front of the Cygnus spacecraft from the airlock space on the ISS.