Project Orion: AR Active Display Helmet

Project Orion: AR Active Display Helmet

Project Orion is a new Augmented Reality Active Display helmet prototype created to help keep soldiers, police, firefighters, and search and rescue teams safer than ever before. In addition to night-vision, infrared, thermal imaging, and more, Project Orion delivers an intuitive, interactive head-up display (HUD) that provides users with previously unimaginable field-technology assets.

Next Up

Project Holobook: Holographic Pitch Deck

PowerPoint and Keynote decks are the medium in which the design leaders of the past shared their narratives. But just as cave paintings gave way to Michelangelo and the radio shows of yesteryear paved the way for dazzling, eye-searing 8K video, so too must presentation decks evolve. Enter: Project Holobook, a holographic pitch deck. 

HyperVSR: A Next-Gen Spacesuit Biometric Helmet With Heads Up Display

Hypergiant Industries built an “Iron Man” inspired spacesuit biometric helmet called HyperVSR, which can display details like an astronaut’s vital signs or other information about a mission. The heads-up display (HUD) for astronauts could help them better manage complex space missions. Its purpose is to improve safety by putting more information at astronauts’ fingertips and cutting down on how much they have to maneuver in the spacesuit. 

Project Jena: Autonomous Robot Uses UV Light to Kill Germs

Ultraviolet sterilization is the newest infection prevention trend, and one that appears to be of increasing importance. With the rapid spread of COVID, we wanted to test additional ideas for how to utilize and expand on the current thinking. Project Jena is a prototype of an autonomous omni-directional robot designed to use a UVC light tower to disinfect surfaces in a room of varying size. The robot can navigate along the edges of the room and will act as a safer and more fool-proof solution for disinfecting rooms. It has the ability to clean a room that is 20’ x 20’ in size in under 3 minutes.