The History of Artificial Intelligence: Philosophy, Mathematics and the Future

The History of Artificial Intelligence: Philosophy, Mathematics and the Future

There are a lot of doomsayers, predicting the rise of intelligent machines who at best live hedonistic lives of leisure and, at worst, annihilate us. AI is not killer robots, emotionally complex heroines, and it’s not one single entity. Sure, the future as we know it will look dramatically different. AI itself is nothing new.

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AI is Not One Thing and It Involves Various Skill Sets to Achieve it at Scale

Without the brainpower to execute against their high-tech initiatives, companies seeking to disrupt their industries are falling behind, and instead, they are now becoming susceptible to being disrupted themselves. AI isn’t one thing, it’s not one department, and it involves various skill sets. Hypergiant is an accomplished team of consultants, advisors, data scientists, engineers, creative technologists, and experience designers with success across all industries at scale.

AI In the Enterprise Mission Statement Framework

We’re living in the golden age of data. We have data repositories of unfathomable size, which makes traditional meat-bag analysis impossible. That’s where artificial intelligence comes in. What does AI in the enterprise mean?  Before approaching an AI project, use this mission statement framework to help determine your strategy and success. 

Predictive AI: It's Not Magic, It's Data and Planning

There are so many different ways to solve business problems with AI. As Albert Einstein said, “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” So you want to be predictive? Start strategizing by asking the right questions about the user, business problem and data to identify the business pain point. Quickly you will find out AI is not magic, it's data and a result of good planning. 

Hypergiant A Better World

In addition to creating innovative AI solutions for Fortune 500 companies, Hypergiant is driven to make technology oriented towards improving global conditions in realms ranging from climate change and cybersecurity to smart cities and disaster relief. Bill Nye, CEO of the Planetary Society and Hypergiant advisor, talks about building a better world and tomorrowing today with Hypergiant.

The Organization of the Future: Change Management and Building Trust in the Age of Digital Business

As companies stay the course and look to the future when workers begin returning to the office — leaders need to understand the complexities of navigating change management and building trust in the age of digital business. Learn what the organization of the future will look like from c-suite executives who have pivoted, implemented strategic programs and distributed teams in a new era where technology and humanity align.

AI's answer to climate change: Made Possible by Arm

The optimal time to plant trees to address our current climate crisis was decades ago. There has never been a more critical time for innovators to step up and use their powers for good to fight this common enemy. The team at Hypergiant is leading by example, pairing one of the world's oldest and most unassuming natural resourced — algae — with powerful AI technology to create clean air and green sustainability solutions for cities, companies, and individuals all over the world. And it's all #MadePossibleByArm.